Today at lunch, i went to the gym. I waited for him to come play basketball as usual with his friends. For every moves he made, every passes he gave, and every shots he took, i just stared from so far away. He might not notice me sitting there, i dont know… or he might just be pretending not to see. But i could feel that he felt my presence.

Today was one of the best game, i have ever seen him played, not that he won or lose, but the sight of him letting his little brother come play with him, and putting him on his team, it just made me more sad. How am i to tolerate seeing his brother everyday at school, and trying not to miss him?

I dont want him to leave. That is the truth i want to tell, that i want him to know. He might not have felt how i feel, but i know deep down how hurt i am going to be when he leave in less than 3 months.
i really dont want him to go…

i know i wont ever have a chance to be with him,
but somehow i just keep hoping that i can be somewhere around him.
To see his face, and his smile everyday….

i just need someone to talk to right now ~ feeling desperate.

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