This blog…


If anyone other than me is reading this blog, i want you to know that:
This is a blog for the unsaid words of my life, the hidden side of me…
– A side of my life that i cant tell anyone about,
– A side that i need to talk it out or else i am go crazy in an unknown time.

A person once used to tell me that i need to talk it out, because no one can carry all the burdens alone, and that all the people in this world are here to help each other, that i should not worry that i will be a burden to other, by telling them my problems. That person is probably true, but i still dont have the courage to do it. i don’t have the courage to let people around me know about my problems. so i am just using this blog so that i will have place talk out what i am feeling, to have something that will be there for me when i need.

~ Some Years After Utmost Natural Gift : Smile 🙂

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