I am just a teenage girl… still in high school.
i have no friends, that i can talk to,
there is no one that i can depend on.

My life is on the edge, i feel like walking on a thin sheet of ice.
I dont know when everything in my life will shatter apart that i cant handle anymore.
But it wont be long enough anymore, because i am starting to get wary…
there is no way that i will be able to keep standing strong.
It hurts so much, that i cant tolerate anymore,
i know that anytime soon, i will fall.
But if i fall this time, i know i will never be able to get back up again,
because i have lost all my reason to live already.

It will just be a matter of time.
But as long as i can, i want to keep holding on,
i dont want to give up, not just yet.
Some people might be able to relate to my life.
i know i have lots of things going on in my life, many things that i cant handle alone,
but there is no one that cares enough about me to listen to me in my world.

The only thing that keeps me holding on to my life,
and help me keep trying to continuing to live ,
is my believe that things will get better one day.
And that one day is not so far from now.
As long as i keep on believing, everything in life will be possible,
and that one day, everything will be alright… everything will be okay.

It is just a matter of time… ~ feeling lost

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