Help me.


I thought I had friends. So many of them. When I really need someone to lean onto, I am only left with a shadow of my own. I searched for support, I searched for love. But there wasn’t anyone beside me. I was wrong. I was so wrong. Has everything just been illusions? Was nothing real? Now I’m shut out from this world, unable to understand myself. What is wrong with me? don’t have any answers to that. I’m dying in my own thoughts. I am lost in this uncertainty. I don’t know who I really am. I don’t even know what is happening anymore. There are times when I just want to shout out for help, for someone to realize that I’m drowning deep down to the darkness. I’m grasping for hope. I kept trying to find a string that I can grasp on to dearly without losing a hold. I feel like walking on the thin edge of the world. Any step that I mistook on this ridged path will make me stumble deeper until I can’t be helped. Someone save me now.


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