15 Things To Believe In That Will Make You Happy To Be Alive


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Alex Dram / flickr.comAlex Dram / flickr.com

1. I believe in Sunday mornings. The kind where you wake up too early in a still-slightly-drunk fog and lay in bed smiling as the one you love still sleeps.

2. I believe in iced coffee, and as many as you need to get through the day. But, it should always be the unsweetened kind that isn’t ruined by the yucky syrup.

3. I believe in real friendships. The kind that you’ve had since you were in Kindergarten. Also the kind that are built standing in the corner of a college apartment huddled around a bottle of cheap Barefoot wine.

4. And even though friendships are built around wine, I firmly believe that beer is better than wine, except when we’re talking about Sangria, which trumps just about everything. While on the topic of alcohol, it is worth saying that I also believe we only drink…

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